Ministry just for the ladies.
It is our hope that this would not just be a "Coastal" thing but ladies from all other types of churches and backgrounds can come together to have fun and enjoy life together in Christ.

Please contact Kathy Carter for more info on what is happening and how you can get involved.

Inner healing Workshop

Freedom to be you

Women of Faith, ready and willing to take the next step towards becoming all that God created them to be.


This Workshop is designed to provide women with a unique opportunity to openly and honestly face their wounds in order to embrace their truth.

Unlike other Christian women’s retreats and workshops, this experience is specially designed for you to extend grace to yourself and others through uncovering the lies that keep us from peace, freedom, and healing. 

This workshop has a limited number of participants and is led by Christen Burns. She is a Licensed Shadow Work Facilitator, Women Revealed Facilitator, and Women Revealed Weekend Leader. Christen runs several workshops and seminars each month.
Many attendees have responded that they felt understood and loved like they never have before.


December 2nd Your workshop will begin promptly at 8 am and end no later than 7 pm. You can pack a lunch and keep it in the refrigerator. You will break for an hour and a half lunch. Light snacks, water and coffee are provided.


Donna Burns Home
1804 Baywater Court SE
Bolivia, NC


Christen will open in prayer, everyone will pledge confidentiality, and then begin several rounds of checking in.

Since this is a brand new experience, Christen will take time to explain what facilitating will look like. Once your container is set, Shadow Work processing will begin. 


Whatever will make you most comfortable. This could be dressing in sweats, bringing a blanket or pillow, essential oils, your journal and a pen, etc. Please no heavy perfumes :)


15 Women who are committed to the growth of themselves and the women of your community. 


Registration Deadline- October 31st Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a confidential information and medical release form, along with what to expect and how to prepare for this workshop.

$50 check made out to TRUTH-FILLED LLC. 
Donna Burns will collect your payment.

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